The UKs No.1 Veterinary calming supplement*
Widely used by Vets, Behaviourists and Pet Owners
Contains a natural milk protein

Signs of stress & anxiety in pets

Signs & Symptoms
Barking, meowing, or whining
Restlessness e.g. Pacing
Cowering or hiding
Toileting in unusual places
Poor appetite
Overgrooming (Cats)
Changes in play and activity
Yawning or drooling
If you have concerns about any aspect of your pet’s behaviour please contact your vet for further advice.
Providing the calm in the chaos for every cat and dog, wherever they go.
Zylkene contains a natural milk protein with clinically proven calming effects to help support your cat and dog during challenging situations.

Inner Calm, Outer Freedom

Help pets cope with challenging situations inside and outside the home
Helps ease anxiety
Contains natural milk powder (alpha-casozepine) with proven calming effects
UK’s No.1 Veterinary Calming Supplement*
Promotes relaxation